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Whole Foods Tea Cookies has vegan row

Whole Food Tea CookiesWhole Foods has a buy-by-the-pound tea cookie cart…and now the top row is all vegan cookies and biscuits.

So much for flying American Airlines

American Airlines is redoing all their planes and says they will have, “Leather Seats throughout every cabin.” So much for flying American.

Lean Cusine VeggieCusine

While it isn’t vegan, Lean Cusine’s new VeggieCusine meals are a start. They use Gardein and are a first move towards VeganCusine.

One Year Vegan!

Today an employee of company that rents to the company I work for emailed me to say that today was his one year anniversary as a vegan.

For years when I’ve seen him and his fellows I’ve quietly answered their questions of, “Why vegan?” Today he showed he had heard my answer!

Sticky Fingers wins Cupcake Wars…Again!

Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats in Washington, DC won the Cupcake Wars battle of the champions. Their cupcakes were the center of the AMA Music Awards after party.

One more win for vegan baking. It just tasts better without all that stuff in it.

Quorn makes first vegan product!

Quorn has seen the overwhelming vegan tipping point and made their first vegan product. The new burger shows that even a vegetarian company that puts eggs in all of its other products has had to see the way.

We can only wait for the time when all their products are made vegan.

Coconut Granola Bars suggest vegan option on line 2

The New York Times offered a recipe for Coconut Granola Bars. Nothing special about that, but the first two lines of the recipe were, “These are crunchy and a little bit sticky. If you are vegan you can substitute agave syrup for the honey.”

Vegan is so there that the Times says how to veganize the recipe and does so right up front. Next step is for them to skip the honey in the first place.

SNL and

Saturday Night Live did a skit about Peta’s new xxx website that will show a mix of p0rn and animal exploitation videos.

The exciting parts (other than the p0rn) are that SNL talked about Peta supporting vegan issues, not animal rights issues and that the joke at the end of the skit was about that people would say “finally someone has the p0rn I want” and nothing about Peta, vegan, or animal rights itself.

Vegan is known now, and accepted thing, and it isn’t the but of the jokes anymore!

Local, sustainable, natural, organic…

“Just how happy can a local, sustainable, natural, organic, GMO-free, free-range, grass-fed, pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, cage-free, free-run, free-roaming, home-raised, free-farmed, small-farmed, certified-humane animal be, when she’s brutally murdered in the prime of her life?”


Cows on Film

Iowa rejected a bill that would have made it illegal to film cows being raised and abused. Undercover filming is one tool for showing how badly cows are treated in some factory/dairy farms.