Vegan version of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”

A new spread called It’s Vegan has been released by the makers of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.”

Certified vegan by Vegan Action and shows how Unilever is continuing to expand its line of vegan products. Other Unilever products include vegan versions of Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

10-Course Vegan Tasting Menu Incorporates Yaqui Values at Casino Del Sol in Tucson

Indian Country Media Network’s daily email mentioned a 10-course vegan tasting menu at the Casino Del Sol in Tucson which incorporates Yaqui values.

Chef Xander Cameron incorporates Yaqui values into delectable vegan dishes at Ume

Vegan cheese in While Foods gourmet cheese shop

Whole Foods is offering vegan cheeses in their gourmet cheese specialty area. Special call-out on the case.


Curtis Stone says, “Start with a vegan base,” in the Oprah magazine

In the Oprah magazine, chef Curtis Stone tells how to take your dish to the next level and please a variety of palates in the process. His number one suggestion is to start with a vegan base!

Even the most well know of chefs are now understanding how important it is to include, and please, vegan diners.

Van Leeuwen ice cream

On Sunday Morning, at 1 hour 20 minutes in during a segment on ice-cream trucks and Van Leeuwen ice cream, the host Nancy Giles says, “I don’t get the vegan part, this just tastes great. That’s actually insane how, good it is…Then I’m going to be a vegan.”

Vegan ice cream

Good taste sells.

Why are Orcas valued over Cows?

“The oldest known orca has recently been spotted off western Canada at an age of 103. A female nicknamed ‘granny,’ photos exist of her from the 1930s, where she can be identified by her distinctive saddle patch. The news has prompted calls for another evaluation of marine mammals in captivity – orcas in captivity usually don’t live beyond their 20s.”

If orcas living to only 20% of their natural lifespan in water parks is a problem, why isn’t a dairy cow being intentionally killed after less than 20% of her potentially 20 year lifespan a much worse problem?

just MAYO at Safeway

New small squeeze bottles of just MAYO vegan mayonnaise are at Safeway…but don’t say vegan on them. Ingredients are clearly the same and still vegan but it looks like a spacial package. They have plain, sriracha, garlic aioli, and chipotle flavors.


Isa Chandra Moskovitz makes videos wjth Anthony Bourdain’s production company

From an article about Isa Chandra Moskovitz, who now
lives in Omaha and is opening a vegan restaurant there!

…In tandem with the release of “Isa Does It,” she’s back to making cooking videos. “Make it Vegan” is a series of YouTube spots she made with Zero Point Zero, Anthony Bourdain’s production company.

Anthony Bourdain’s production company? Anthony Bourdain the I’ll eat anything guy?

The article.

Right next to the animal mayo…Whole Foods does vegan


New England Journal of Medicine: Vegan diet and Blood Pressure

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine had an article on  Vegan diet and Blood Pressure.

Here’s the conclusion:
Consumption of vegetarian diets is associated with lower BP. Such diets could be a useful nonpharmacologic means for reducing BP.