Sticky Fingers wins Cupcake Wars…Again!

Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats in Washington, DC won the Cupcake Wars battle of the champions. Their cupcakes were the center of the AMA Music Awards after party.

One more win for vegan baking. It just tasts better without all that stuff in it.

Quorn makes first vegan product!

Quorn has seen the overwhelming vegan tipping point and made their first vegan product. The new burger shows that even a vegetarian company that puts eggs in all of its other products has had to see the way.

We can only wait for the time when all their products are made vegan.

Coconut Granola Bars suggest vegan option on line 2

The New York Times offered a recipe for Coconut Granola Bars. Nothing special about that, but the first two lines of the recipe were, “These are crunchy and a little bit sticky. If you are vegan you can substitute agave syrup for the honey.”

Vegan is so there that the Times says how to veganize the recipe and does so right up front. Next step is for them to skip the honey in the first place.

Cows on Film

Iowa rejected a bill that would have made it illegal to film cows being raised and abused. Undercover filming is one tool for showing how badly cows are treated in some factory/dairy farms.

Vegan donuts win on Food Network…of course!

The first ever Food Network donut challenge took place this week and Mighty-O won. Yup, you guessed it, they make only vegan donuts.

New Orleans Vegan Food Festival

Running from May 21st to the 22nd in the big easy this festival with food, vendors, music, and films shows that everyone everywhere is now officially going vegan. New Orleans, who would have though it!

Suggested Holiday Eating

If we are going to eat turkeys on Thanksgiving, we should have a special animal to eat for other holidays.

New Years: Cheddar cheese stuffed mice poppers

Martin Luther King Day: Crows

Valentines Day: Love birds

Good Friday: Dolphins

Easter: Bunnies

Arbor Day: Robins and bluebirds

Memorial Day: Monkey burgers and small dogs

Fourth of July: Eagles (but of course not Bald Eagles asĀ that would be wrong)

Summer Bank Holiday: Parrots

Labor Day: Dogs (Labrador Retrievers preferred)

Back to School Day: Chicks

Columbus Day: Newt, Panda, and Saint Bernard

Halloween: Cats

Thanksgiving: Turkeys

Hanukkah: 7 Horses

Christmas: Donkeys

Boxing Day: Dogs (Boxers preferred)

Think about it…it doesn’t make any less sense than eating turkeys on Thanksgiving does it?

2 for 2!

The second time vegan bakers were on the Food Channel’s Cupcake Wars and the vegan wins again!

Doron from Sticky Fingers Bakery won. Vegan cupcakes rock and rule again.

Who we kill…

Those who eat meat intentionally kill 50 billion land animals and uncounted sea animals each year. Alone in the US a million animals an hour are killed just because people enjoy the taste.

Not eating animals…

Not eating animals is the simplest, easiest, and most worthwhile choice I’ve made in my life.