10-Course Vegan Tasting Menu Incorporates Yaqui Values at Casino Del Sol in Tucson

Indian Country Media Network’s daily email mentioned a 10-course vegan tasting menuĀ at the Casino Del Sol in Tucson which incorporates Yaqui values.

Chef Xander Cameron incorporates Yaqui values into delectable vegan dishes at Ume

Vegan cheese in While Foods gourmet cheese shop

Whole Foods is offering vegan cheeses in their gourmet cheese specialty area. Special call-out on the case.


Van Leeuwen ice cream

On Sunday Morning, at 1 hour 20 minutes in during a segment on ice-cream trucks and Van Leeuwen ice cream, the host Nancy Giles says, “I don’t get the vegan part, this just tastes great. That’s actually insane how, good it is…Then I’m going to be a vegan.”

Vegan ice cream

Good taste sells.

Summerfest conference

At Summerfest. If you aren’t here, come next year.


just MAYO at Safeway

New small squeeze bottles of just MAYO vegan mayonnaise are at Safeway…but don’t say vegan on them. Ingredients are clearly the same and still vegan but it looks like a spacial package. They have plain, sriracha, garlic aioli, and chipotle flavors.


Sofritas at Chipotle rocks!


The new sofritas tofu blend at Chipotle is tasty and well marketed to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Camping with vegans…

Camping has all the traditional items… hotdogs, burgers, smores, coleslaw, cookies, campfires, and bugs. Only at a vegan camp out all the items are plant-based and the bugs are relocated outside of the cabin instead of being killed.


Vegan ramen

TAAN Noodles in Adams Morgan DC is a Japanese noodle shop with a vegan ramen noodles on the menu.

All Veg School in NYC

The Active Learning Elementary School has switched to an all vegetarian, and mostly vegan, menu. (At this point they still have to at least offer milk to children.) This is the first school in the US to take meat out off their menu, but another school in NYC will be starting in the fall and 30 more are adding two or three vegan meals a week to their menus.

Not where they need to get to, but a good start!


We are at Vegetarian Summerfest this week. This is a week-long nutrition and information conference that isn’t to be missed.