So much for flying American Airlines

American Airlines is redoing all their planes and says they will have, “Leather Seats throughout every cabin.” So much for flying American.

Sticky Fingers wins Cupcake Wars…Again!

Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats in Washington, DC won the Cupcake Wars battle of the champions. Their cupcakes were the center of the AMA Music Awards after party.

One more win for vegan baking. It just tasts better without all that stuff in it.

New Orleans Vegan Food Festival

Running from May 21st to the 22nd in the big easy this festival with food, vendors, music, and films shows that everyone everywhere is now officially going vegan. New Orleans, who would have though it!

When the cow is alive…

On Outsourced when talking about why cows are sacred they said, “When the cow is alive it can feed many people, when it is dead it can only feed a few.”
The answer was, “I never thought about it like that,” and they left it as that. No smart remarks, no jokes.

Fibro and Fatigue TODAY newsletter features vegan diet

The Summer 2010 issue of Fibro and Fatigue TODAY, the newsletter of the Fibro and Fatigue Centers, features a vegan diet as the best diet for treating fibromyalgia. Furthermore it emphasizes a raw vegan diet as the very base for treating the disease.

The Fibro and Fatigue Centers treats very difficult to treat diseases and now is promoting the message to do so with diet…a vegan diet.

Denny’s Serves Vegan Burgers

To meet the demand of their customers, Denny’s has added vegan burgers to the menu at all of their U.S. restaurants. In addition, the white sesame seed burger buns are vegan.

Once again, a major company has seen the demand of their customers and is providing vegan options.

Cool School Food

Presentation from Amie Hamin about the Cool School Food program to bring plant-based main options to all NYC schools.

NYC is the largest school food system, twice as large as LA. They are the 2nd largest food producer 2nd only to the US military.

Have test schools going where serving healthy plant-based options and kids are loving them, selecting them in droves over standard options.

Recipes are in conjunction with Candle 79.

Wegmans Labeling and Pushing Vegan

Wegmans grocery store not only knows the word vegan, but they label items in their fresh foods as vegan, not just vegetarian.

They have a vegetable stirfry station just inside their main entrance and samosas and black bean soup labeled vegan.

A yummy sauce on the samosas and more awaits as you wander the store.

Law and Order: SVU Season 11 Episode 20: Beef

For episode 20 of this session, the 11th, Law and Order: SVU gives us Beef. In this episode they address a little of the filth and danger of a slaughterhouse in a case where a vegan is the initial suspect, though he didn’t do it because he, “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

As with many TV shows they take it way too far with pushing hemp pants, raw food, and other vegan cliches, but overall it was a plus towards plant-based eating.

Law and Order: SVU Season 11 Episode 20: Beef

Washington City Paper: Sticky Fingers Bakery wins Best of D.C.

Sticky Fingers Bakery wins best bakery in the Washington City Paper’s Best of D.C. readers poll. This wasn’t just the best plant-based bakery, but the best bakery overall.