Curtis Stone says, “Start with a vegan base,” in the Oprah magazine

In the Oprah magazine, chef Curtis Stone tells how to take your dish to the next level and please a variety of palates in the process. His number one suggestion is to start with a vegan base!

Even the most well know of chefs are now understanding how important it is to include, and please, vegan diners.

Van Leeuwen ice cream

On Sunday Morning, at 1 hour 20 minutes in during a segment on ice-cream trucks and Van Leeuwen ice cream, the host Nancy Giles says, “I don’t get the vegan part, this just tastes great. That’s actually insane how, good it is…Then I’m going to be a vegan.”

Vegan ice cream

Good taste sells.

Quotes from Jessica Joyce of Block 16 in Omaha

Jessica Joyce:

“It was kind of like the first day we had one vegan customer, the next day we had two and then all of a sudden we had 80,” Joyce said. “It has blown up.”

“Its almost like if you are not vegan, you are weird.”

Isa Chandra Moskovitz makes videos wjth Anthony Bourdain’s production company

From an article about Isa Chandra Moskovitz, who now
lives in Omaha and is opening a vegan restaurant there!

…In tandem with the release of “Isa Does It,” she’s back to making cooking videos. “Make it Vegan” is a series of YouTube spots she made with Zero Point Zero, Anthony Bourdain’s production company.

Anthony Bourdain’s production company? Anthony Bourdain the I’ll eat anything guy?

The article.


Need I say more: Former Vice President Al Gore recently made headlines for adopting a vegan diet.

It was another inconvenient truth that he finally recognized. Each in their own time.

The Reverend Al Sharpton vegan

The Reverend Al Sharpten was on Saturday Night Live looking thin and great. Turns out he adopted a vegan diet after talking with President Clinton. Now he is “all about the plants.”

Chopped! NOT!

Chef Rich Landau from the all vegan restaurant Vedge competed on the TV show Chopped and easily won.

The judges were marveling at how good the food was and the elegant dishes he prepared with all vegetables.

Score one more for vegan!

One Year Vegan!

Today an employee of company that rents to the company I work for emailed me to say that today was his one year anniversary as a vegan.

For years when I’ve seen him and his fellows I’ve quietly answered their questions of, “Why vegan?” Today he showed he had heard my answer!

Cows on Film

Iowa rejected a bill that would have made it illegal to film cows being raised and abused. Undercover filming is one tool for showing how badly cows are treated in some factory/dairy farms.

Martha Stewart’s Vegan show

Martha Stewart said her daughter is a vegan and she is not adverse to becoming one…little by little.