2 for 2!

The second time vegan bakers were on the Food Channel’s Cupcake Wars and the vegan wins again!

Doron from Sticky Fingers Bakery won. Vegan cupcakes rock and rule again.

Bill Clinton eating near vegan diet

This isn’t really new news but Bill Clinton is eating, and frequently talking about, a near vegan diet. He says it is the best thing he has ever done for his health and loves the food.

Not eating animals…

Not eating animals is the simplest, easiest, and most worthwhile choice I’ve made in my life.

Vegan Issues

Environment, war, poverty, starvation, equality, gender issues, oil, race, sex, class…these are all vegan issues. These all come down to power over another and how we treat each other and the world around us. How, and what, we eat is the basis of all of them.

Miss DC 2010 is VEGAN! And so is Miss NYC 2010!

I think that about says it all…Miss DC 2010 is VEGAN! And so is Miss NYC 2010!

“What are you eating?” from Oprah’s O magazine

In this month’s O magazine, Oprah presents, “What are you eating?” This is a section with essays from followers of all “vores”; omnivores, carnivores (really carnists), pescivores, frutarians, and vegans.
The vegan essay came first, was glrious, and then the other showed various other “options.”
The pescitarian was especially good as it wound its way to asking why goldfish should not be eaten and samon should. She was on her way to compassion and a vegan diet.

View The Witness Online & other Sites

Tribe of Heart’s first film, The Witness, is available to view free online at:


Other sites are: PeacableJourney.org

Peaceable Kingdom

Tonight the makers of the film Peaceable Kingdom shared the film with Summerfest.
This was the most important film I’ve ever seem.
See it now.

Compasionate People, Compasionate Actions

Most people are compassionate and want to be compassionate towards animals. Most people are, however, not compassionate in their actions toward animals in their eating of dairy, eggs, and meat.

Type 2 Diabeties and Diet

Continuing on the Adventist Health Study 2 is the results of Type 2 Diabeties. Simple result was:

Non-vegetarians: 9%
Vegans: 3%

Dr. Neal Banard’s latest research. People with Type 2 Diabeties who move from a non-vegetarian diet to a vegan diet can drop their A1C to within normal levels the majority of the time and reduce or stop their medication after doctor review of their A1C scores.