Suggested Holiday Eating

If we are going to eat turkeys on Thanksgiving, we should have a special animal to eat for other holidays.

New Years: Cheddar cheese stuffed mice poppers

Martin Luther King Day: Crows

Valentines Day: Love birds

Good Friday: Dolphins

Easter: Bunnies

Arbor Day: Robins and bluebirds

Memorial Day: Monkey burgers and small dogs

Fourth of July: Eagles (but of course not Bald Eagles asĀ that would be wrong)

Summer Bank Holiday: Parrots

Labor Day: Dogs (Labrador Retrievers preferred)

Back to School Day: Chicks

Columbus Day: Newt, Panda, and Saint Bernard

Halloween: Cats

Thanksgiving: Turkeys

Hanukkah: 7 Horses

Christmas: Donkeys

Boxing Day: Dogs (Boxers preferred)

Think about it…it doesn’t make any less sense than eating turkeys on Thanksgiving does it?

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